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Due to my self-experience through my own illnesses and strokes of fate, I would like to give you the most precious "pearls" of my holistic, over 20 years, the wealth of experience as an integrative therapist, in a customized package for you on the way.


I am supported by my valuable team of experienced therapists, healers, coaches, and integrative doctors.


Through the individually tailored and compiled program of these integrative healing methods and thanks to comprehensive wellness services, your experienced time out can be unforgettable, direction- and life-changing.


The global network of diverse institutions enables our team to provide a holistic approach to our clientele. With a part of the proceeds from our offer we support sustainable projects worldwide and want to build bridges for a new consciousness on this earth. 


Together we are strong! 


We look forward to accompanying you in your transformation at Silentpower Retreat Houses.


Yours Yvonne Waldraff 

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