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There is no better journey than the journey to yourself!



A location determination is the door opener. An analysis is carried out together, in which we look behind the scenes and it becomes clear where the causes of the sabotage programs lie and why we always act and react in the same way. The programs are now recognized and understood.

Cell reprogramming is used to finally eliminate these disruptive programs. Through this initiation, old imprints and information are decoded and transformed at the cellular level and programmed with new supporting and positive ones.

So that the process is also integrated on the physical level and blockages from trapped emotions on the body level can be freed, you will get a bodywork as a further step. This gives you the long-awaited freedom from your body. Mind and soul.

In order to be able to successfully integrate and implement these goals and opportunities on your own in everyday life, you will finally benefit from mental training. This results in your targeted focus on your NEW YOU.

We can now finally pursue our goals with an inner clarity and a new awareness and thus successfully manifest and realize our possibilities. Depending on the individual topics, needs and clinical pictures, our transformation package can be supplemented with the following treatments:

  • Nutritional advice with a nutrition plan

  • Sound therapy

  • Shamanic healing work

  • Crystal healing

  • return

  • Systemic constellation

  • Beauty Detox Package

  • Yoga & meditation

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