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Disclaimer of Liability

By using the Silentpower GLOBAL offer, you accept the following conditions:


The information on the website does not replace professional diagnostics, advice and therapy from a licensed doctor or a specialist!


Each client takes full responsibility for himself. The therapists at Silent Power GmbH do not make any diagnoses and do not carry out any therapies or treatments in the medical-scientific sense. Our assistance serves to support the rediscovery, regaining of a healthy regulatory ability and the strengthening of the self-healing powers of the own body. A promise of healing is expressly excluded.


Silentpower GLOBAL points out that all analyzes, consultations and therapies cannot and will not replace a medical examination and treatment. An ongoing medical treatment should therefore not be interrupted or broken off, a necessary one should not be postponed or omitted, and medication prescribed by a doctor should not be discontinued. We consider cooperation with conventional medicine to be important.


Despite careful control of the content, Silentpower GLOBAL assumes no liability for the content on methods and topics listed. It is pure information about possibilities and personal experiences of the therapists, from which no healing promises of any kind can and should be derived.


The procedures presented on the Silentpower GLOBAL website are so-called non-conventional medical treatment methods. They are not generally recognized scientifically. Naturopathic treatment cannot replace any necessary scientifically founded treatment by a doctor.



Yvonne Waldraff & Silentpower GLOBAL Team

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